Granny Square Blanket

Some time ago I had a hankering to make some granny squares after seeing some great ideas on the Purl Bee. I found some great colours in my local store, all in 4ply merino and started planning.

I wanted all the squares to be variations on the colour theme, all similar but the idea was that it wouldn't look too regimented in the end - my initial ideas page (right) had already shown me that following an orderly pattern wasn't going to work for me.

So I started experimenting with the colour combinations that I had planned and soon found a few that really appealed. 

The main colours I wanted to focus on where the reds and pinks, but that I would join all of the squares together with ivory.

To emphasise the ivory I've edged all the squares with ivory first and will then slip stitch them together.

A tutorial for easy, modern and colourful granny squares that can be joined together to create an heirloom blanket. From Sarita Creative.

Now that I have lots of stacks of my squares, I've actually found an end use for my blanket. My friend has just had a little girl and this is going to be perfect for her.

So, I'm working through the arrangement of the squares trying to create a fairly even colour distribution. Lots of red and pink with blue and green dotted throughout.

I'm starting to slip stitch rows of the squares together and will then slip stitch the rows together to complete the blanket. 

The slip stitch is creating a little ridge of ivory between each square, which I'm really liking.

After some rearranging, I'm all sorted with my pattern. 

With so many square, it helps to bundle these up to keep everything organised. I've bundled mine into rows, that can then be joined together. 

Finally I'm now onto slip stitching the rows together as well.

Now that everything has been joined together, I decided to slip stitch around the edge twice (it has kept a consistent look with the joining stitches).


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