Make it // Black Doily

Don't ask... but I have a doily stash.
Some aren't particularly appealing and ended up with them "thrown in" with another second hand store purchase...

At one point I had thoughts of doing something like this, but it hasn't eventuated.

After a dilema of do I keep them or biff them (feels wasteful), I had a eureka moment. Bring them into the present with a bold make over - AKA dye them.
This could be the perfect centrepiece for our dining table. More of a placemat than a doily...

First, a quick sense check you won't regret dying these (e.g. this is not recommended on your own grandmothers handiwork that you really want to pass on as an heirloom item).

What you need:
Dye - I'm using Dylon (suitable for hot water dying)
Salt - check your dye pack instructions for the amount required.
A doily or few
+ why not throw in that top you haven't worn for ages because you're a bit over the colour (check the fabric content - cotton will dye well... polyester not so much - or polyester thread)

Not much to it really.... make sure you wash your doily first (which is why the one above looks like it needs a good press!)...
Then follow the instructions on the pack - genius!

Okay, it's fair to say that despite following the instructions on the pack, mine turned out more of an indigo!

If you have any amazing ideas with what I can do with a few more doilies... do let me know!

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