Make it // Embroidery Hoop Earring Holder part II

Continuing on from my first experiment with a DIY earring holder (here)... I've decide these are going to pop up on my wall as more of a collection. Essentially because I have too many earrings for just one holder.... and then I can colour theme as well...

Enter part 2.... an updated pattern for a 31cm embroidery hoop, in shades of blue, turquoise and mint... and, as you can see below, I'm leaving space for a 3rd, smallish hoop... 

If you're wondering about the horses, they are from an old Ann Wood DIY courtesy of design*sponge... still on my wall years later...

Here's the new pattern.... To maximise space the centre point is now the middle of one of the diamonds... compare this to the previous version in pinks and corals and you'll see what I mean...

I've used the same size triangles (that's 50mm in height and 56mm wide) as I did for the smaller hoop pattern... but have broken these up with more of the larger hexagon and diamond shapes to accommodate longer earrings in this collection... 
I love this assortment of earrings, which sum up different aspects of my life... a few from antique stores and designers here in NZ, some I've made myself, one set from Australia and one from Chile, and the rest from Argentina...

So it only seemed appropriate to drink mate as I stitched his one...

If you're keen to give this a go, here's what you'll need:

An embroidery hoop - I've used a 31cm hoop
A ruler (and some patience to use it)
a chalk pencil
Open weave fabric, like linen (that you're earrings can thread through with minimal effort)
cotton in a dark colour 
a needle
assorted embroidery threads in colour theme of your choice

For this project, I've used the following DMC colours:
964 Mint
943 Jade green
3848 Sea green
995 a bright/deep Cyan
and a Navy

For step by step instructions, see the original post for the pink and coral version here.

This is quick and easy and a great way to enjoy your earrings... every time I look at these displays I remember who gave me a certain pair or which market I found them in... lovely...

Happy stitching and enjoy!

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