Updates... & introducing Cafa Collective...

How is everyone? Hopefully replete with chocolate and other Easter treats...
So, I announced a while back (here) that I was finally going to open an Etsy store, which had been on my mind for a while. The "shop doors" of Cafa Collective are officially open, so please come and have a look. 

Why Cafa? Because it's a town I'm lucky enough to spend a little time in each year and one that always inspires me creatively.

You can also follow me @cafacollective on instagram - here's the link to my profile:

I love checking out what everyone is doing creatively, so say hi on instagram and I'll follow you back...

It's early days, so I'm still working my way through filling up the shop! I'd like to be a little more prolific, but the point is it takes time to make things by hand, right? Here's a sneak peak:

Sarita x

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