Inspiration: Otomi embroidery

I love this photo... you can practically feel the hot summer breeze coming through the window...
Well, you've pretty much been living under a rock if you haven't come across Otomi (or Tenango) embroidery... It seems to have really come to the fore in mainstream fashion and homewares last year, but as a traditional product, this wonderful colourful embroidery is timeless and uplifting...

The Otomi people are an indigenous group from central Mexico, with today's embroidery production centralised in Tenango, in the Hidalgo province in Mexico. It seems to me that we are so lucky that communities such as this, facing tough times financially, have chosen to turn to their cultural traditions and rejuvenate them to help improve their local economy. 

But, if you'e not able to pop over to Mexico any time soon, there are plenty of people working with these local artisans and selling their wares online. This stunning ottoman (above left) from Olli is a great example of this - combing the modern and desirable with the traditional. There's a great article here at SF Girl By Bay, that talks about the brand - this really resonated with me, talking about bringing together the loves of travel and traditions.
Above right are a selection of beautiful runners from The Loaded Trunk

These beautiful textiles really do add that Mexican punch of colour...

Above left, you can find a wide array of colourful clutches at EricaMaree. Above right and below right, cushions from CasaOtomi.

Or if the multicolour amazing-ness is more you thing, how about this cute cushion, bottom left, found at Furbish Studio.

It's like a colour overload - I love it!

Sarita x

P.S. Want to know more? Learn how to Otomi stitch here.

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